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    How To Find A Perfect Color Of Blusher For Your Skin

    It is not uncommon for a woman to wonder if she is choosing the right color and shade of lipsticks and blushers. The fear of making the wrong choice is a valid one, as the wrong color can indeed create a look that is not natural. So how do you know which shades are the best for y ... Read more

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    How To Apply Makeup During the Summer

    Everyone wants to look great during the summer months. The way your makeup is worn during the summer months should be adjusted in order to look your best. It is important to always remember the sunblock before applying makeup. There are some makeup products that offer SPF protect ... Read more

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    Warning: Dirty Makeup Brushes

    Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. When bacteria is present, it can be spread directly onto the skin. This can cause acne and breakouts. ... Read more

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    Why Use Blusher

    Blusher, also called rouge or simply blush, is a type of facial make-up used to tint the color of the cheeks and skin. Blusher has been around for centuries in a variety of forms, and use of blusher has been recorded as far back as Ancient Egypt. Blusher has almost always been in ... Read more

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    Makeup Brushes

    To properly complete a task, you need the proper tools. The applicationof makeup is no exception. Many women choose to avoid the expense of aparlor, and apply their own makeup. You can achieve a professional lookat home, so long as you have the proper makeup brushes. Makeup ... Read more

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    Mineral Makeup

    With each passing year, each of us becomes more aware of what impactsunnatural products may have on our bodies. This increase in awareness iswhat has propelled the homeopathic cosmetic industry to reach suchsuccessful levels. Unfortunately, this success has spawned a few sc ... Read more

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    The Proper Use of Makeup

    Womentoday are extremely lucky to have so many choices of products that makeus look beautiful, and smell wonderful. The following information is aguide as to how to best use quality makeup and perfumes to enhance yourappearance.   Foundation: Foundation is used to c ... Read more

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    How To Apply Blusher

    Applyingblusher can be a tad tricky until you get used to it. For the bestresults, it is important to take your time, and use the right makeuptools for the job. These tools include a blush brush that is of highquality, and a buffing brush to smooth out the finished produc ... Read more