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Different Types of Blushers

Blushers come in several forms. Each form is designed to do a specific job, or help you achieve a certain look with your makeup. It is important to know what each of these blushers are, and how they may help you achieve a better look.

Powder Blusher: This is the most commonly used form of blusher, and is actually good for most skin types. That said, women with oily skin derive the most benefit from it's use. Powder blusher is also considered to be the longest lasting product, as it does not quickly fade away after application. It should be applied after you have put on your foundation and face powder.
Cream Blusher: The cream variety tends to be much more intense than powder. Because of this, it should be used very sparingly. This type of blusher is excellent for those with dry skin, as well as those with wrinkles that they would like to cover. Unlike powder, cream blusher should be applied after foundation, but before facial powder.
Gel Blusher: Gel blusher is not as common as powders or creams, but can be a great makeup addition to those that have normal to oily skin. Gel blusher dries very quickly, which makes blending hard at times. If you choose to use this product, you will need to know just what you are doing when applying it. It can be applied over foundation, and is also great for use on bare skin. If you do not wish to apply full makeup, but want to create a soft look to your face, gel blusher is an excellent choice.
Tinted Blusher: Similar to gel, tinted blusher dries quite quickly, and should be blended quickly after application. If it is not completely blended, tinted blusher can create a dramatic streaking effect on top of your foundation. Once it sets, there will be no changing it until you wash it off your face, so work fast when using this choice.
Shimmer Blushers: This blusher does just what the name implies, it creates a shimmering effect on your skin. Shimmer blushers are best used at night, as they may lose their effect in daylight. In addition to being used on the cheeks, you can apply it very lightly to the forehead, and other areas of the face.
Bronzer Blushers: Though bronzers often fall into the blusher category, they are actually quite different in that they are for use all over the face, and not just the cheek area. Bronzer blushers help to create a tanned look to the skin. To purchase the correct shade, go with a bronzer that is at least somewhat similar to your existing skin tone. Lighter tones should wear lighter shades. Darker tones should wear darker shades. Doing this will create a more natural look.
These are the basic blusher types, and how they are typically used. There is no harm in experimenting with each of these types in order to determine which blushers look best on you. Blushers can even be mixed in order to create custom shades. Blushers are one of the most versatile types of makeup, and should be a part of every woman's repertoire.


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