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How To Apply Blusher

Applying blusher can be a tad tricky until you get used to it. For the best results, it is important to take your time, and use the right makeup tools for the job. These tools include a blush brush that is of high quality, and a buffing brush to smooth out the finished product.

Before applying blusher, be sure that your foundation, concealer, and any other makeup applied to your skin is completely dry. There is a type of blusher that actually goes underneath foundation, but for the purposes of this article, I am assuming you will be using blusher over foundation.
Dip your blush brush ever so lightly into the blusher. Tap it lightly to remove any excess blusher. Next, you need to say cheese! No, really, you need to smile the biggest smile you can. This will allow your cheekbones to really stand out so that you can see where your blusher should be applied.
Apply the blusher to the most round part of your cheeks first, and in an even stroke, drag it toward your temple. The smoother the stroke, the smoother the look of the blusher will be. If you do not feel it is dark enough, repeat the process. If you feel that it is too dark, pull out the buffing brush and buff some of the excess away. If you still feel it is too dark after you have buffed, apply some of your facial powder. This will lighten the appearance of the blusher.
Practice does make perfect. If you are new to applying blusher, practice in advance of going out in public with blusher on. This will allow you to get the motion, as well as the correct amount of blusher, perfected beforehand. Soon, you will be a blusher master, and will be teaching others the techniques and secrets that you now know!


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