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How To Apply Makeup During the Summer

Everyone wants to look great during the summer months. The way your makeup is worn during the summer months should be adjusted in order to look your best. It is important to always remember the sunblock before applying makeup. There are some makeup products that offer SPF protection, but if yours does not, a sunblock will need to be applied.

During the summer, sunblock should be applied frequently around the eyes. This area can brown faster than other skin, and can leave your face looking unbalanced in color. This is especially true for those that wear glasses, as they can magnify the sun exposure in this area. Wearing sunglasses is always a good idea.

Since the color of your skin may change during the summer, your foundation color needs to change with it. Those that consistently have darker or lighter skin will likely not experience much a change, but those that have medium skin tone likely will. Oil based foundations are a better choice during the summer, as they are less likely to run. Water based foundations can easily come off when you sweat.

If you really like the way your makeup looks at other times of the year, you may be able to replicate that look during the summer. With just a few adjustments, such as adding lip gloss on top of lipstick, the same color can be worn. This will protect your lips from the sun, while not altering your overall look. Changing blush tones ever so slightly will also allow you to keep your year-round look.

The most important thing to remember when considering your summer makeup choices is to lighten things up as your skin gets darker. The same dark makeup that you wear during the winter should not be worn during the summer months, as it gives off too heavy of a look. If you are a fan of reds, keep in mind that as your face heats up, you may look flushed. This will make reds look even redder.

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