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How To Choose the Right Blusher Color

While there are no rules that are set in stone for each woman to use to pick her blusher color, there are some general guidelines that should be followed so that you are able to achieve a natural, and attractive result. One of the biggest mistakes that women make is choosing a blusher that is not the correct shade for their skin tone. When this happens, the blusher stands out in a way that is not flattering. Consider the following guidelines when shopping for your next blusher color.

Work with what your skin coloring is. If you have light hair and skin, a ruddier color will look much better than a brown. Brown tends to create a shading appearance, and this is not what blusher is intended to do. You wish to highlight, not shade, so avoid darker colors, and apply the blusher very lightly in your middle and upper cheek bone areas.
Stick with the basics. Rose, berry, pink, or peach are all available in a range of light to dark tones. If you start with the basics, you will be able to narrow down shades that do, or do not look good on you. Do not be afraid to mix shades. Blusher is one of the few makeup products that is actually fine to mix. You may find that you actually have to mix colors to get the shade that is just right for you.
If you have oily skin, only use the powder type of blusher. Cream blusher should be used by those with dry skin, as well as those with wrinkles. Powder blusher may settle into wrinkles, and cause them to be more visible, so it should be avoided.
Never confuse bronzer with blusher. Bronzer should be applied all over the face, and then blusher applied on top of it. Bronzer will not produce the desired effect if you try to use it as a blusher.
If you have a round face, this is when you do want to create a shading effect that will make your face appear more slim. To do this, you will need to use two colors of blusher. Use a lighter shade on your cheek bones, followed by a darker shade underneath them. Be sure to blend the two well, so that no stark contrast between the two colors exists.
Finally, choose a blusher shade that is at least somewhat similar to the color of your lipstick. Never wear a light lipstick, and dark blusher, or dark lipstick and light blusher. Wearing shades that match creates a smooth, more uniform look.
While we cannot tell you the exact shade to purchase, if you use these guidelines, it will not be long before you discover the blusher shade that is just right for you personally. Avoid the common mistakes, and just have fun with it.


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