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How To Find A Perfect Color Of Blusher For Your Skin

It is not uncommon for a woman to wonder if she is choosing the right color and shade of lipsticks and blushers. The fear of making the wrong choice is a valid one, as the wrong color can indeed create a look that is not natural. So how do you know which shades are the best for your skin type? Consider the following before making your choices.

Coloring Types:

Light – Fair skin, blonde hair, blue/green/hazel eyes
Deep – Darker skin, dark hair (brown or black), brown eyes
Warm – Fair skin (with or without freckles), red or auburn hair
Cool – Olive or pink skin, grey or ash blonde hair
Clear – Fair skin, dark hair, blue/green/hazel eyes
Soft – Medium to light brown hair, medium brown eyes

Light coloring types will do well with pink or peach blushers. Avoid dark browns or orange shades, as these will produce a harsh appearance. Lipstick in any pastel shade can be worn, and the same applies to lip gloss shades.

Deep coloring types should wear blushers that are brown or burgundy. Lipsticks should be the same shades. However, red or plums shades will also work well. Avoid pastels, as these shade will not show up well on this coloring type.

Warm coloring types should consider blushers in peach, salmon, or light bronze shades. Avoid pinks, as they go completely against this type of coloring. For lipsticks, consider peach, copper, orange, or topaz based shades.

Cool coloring types will want a blusher that is a light rose color. Avoid brown or orange, as they are too harsh for this color type. Lipsticks in light rose, fuchsia, or raspberry will look quite natural. Consider how dark the color of your skin is when choosing lipsticks.

Clear coloring types will need blushers in medium colors. Many options are available to this coloring type. Lipsticks in reds, shades of pink, or orange will look great. Brighter is better in this case.

Soft coloring types will do well to wear blushers that are in lighter shades of brown or pinks. Avoid bright shades. Lipsticks should be of a medium shade. Plum, red, pink, brown, or peach are nice choices.

If you find that you are still in doubt, consider a visit to your local department store makeup counter. An image consultant will be able to guide you as to what shades are best for you. Together, you can work to find products and shades that make you look your best.

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