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Makeup Brushes

To properly complete a task, you need the proper tools. The application of makeup is no exception. Many women choose to avoid the expense of a parlor, and apply their own makeup. You can achieve a professional look at home, so long as you have the proper makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes help you accomplish several things. First, they make the process of applying makeup much easier. Secondly, they allow you to create different looks, and customize your style. Both of these are highly desirable benefits.

There many type of brushes available for purchase. This is another one of the advantages of makeup brushes, you can purchase different ones for each part of your face and body. Whether it be your eyes, lips, cheeks, or nails, you will need to have a brush that is dedicated to each area. All of these can easily be stored in a mesh brush bag, which will allow you to easily keep track of them in one place.

Before purchasing, you should consider what types of brushes you will need, and what each is used for.

Powder Brushes: These are larger in size, as they are used to apply your base powder to the entire face. This can be used for loose powders, as well as compressed varities.

Blush Brushes: This will be a medium sized brush that you use to apply your blush. There is a fine line between too little, and too much blush. This tool will help you control the amount you apply.

Sponge Brushes: This brush is used to blend your makeup. Blending should be done each time makeup is applied. This is what gives makeup a more smooth, and natural look.

Eye Brushes: You will need several of these. At least one each for applying eye shadow, eye liner, and eyebrows. Each brush performs a very specific task, and this is one area where you should opt for the best.

Lip Brushes: You will want your lipstick to be applied cleanly. This brush allows you to do just that, and will allow you to blend the lipstick so that it is not too thick.

Makeup brushes are available for purchase in both retail stores, as well as online. Online shopping will typically offer you the largest variety of choices, and the lowest prices. Another advantage of online shopping is that these can be purchased from home, and shipped directly to you. Most brushes are inexpensive, but beware of products that are too cheap. You get what you pay for, and for these items you will need good quality.

To make the most of your makeup brushes, you should clean them regularly. Since you will likely switch shades from time to time, you will need to start with clean makeup brushes to ensure that the colors do not blend together. A mild detergent, and warm water are all that is needed to clean your brushes. Once they are clean, they should be allowed to air dry naturally. Usually this takes a full day. It will help if you squeeze out all of the water you can before setting them aside to dry. Attempting to speed this process, and dry them with a hair dryer, could result in melting the bristles.

A common misconception is that you should blow on your makeup brush if you have too much powder on it. What this actually does is force the makeup to go deeper into the brush. Instead of blowing on it, you should tip it down so that gravity comes into effect, and then shake it gently. Do this until you are satisfied that you have removed enough of the excess powder.

A final tip is to purchase quality makeup. Even the best makeup brushes can only do so much. Ideally, you need the combination of both great makeup, as well as great makeup brushes if you want to look your best.

Great makeup application requires great makeup brushes. Choose a large variety of sizes, so that you will be able to properly apply makeup to all areas of your face. Using the right tools for this job is key. These tools, combined with a little know-how, will ensure that you look your best each and every day.

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