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Why Use Blusher

Blusher, also called rouge or simply blush, is a type of facial make-up used to tint the color of the cheeks and skin. Blusher has been around for centuries in a variety of forms, and use of blusher has been recorded as far back as Ancient Egypt. Blusher has almost always been in style in some form or another, and today the product is still very much in fashion.
Why use blusher? Simple—adding color to the cheeks, whether that color is pink or brown or even shades of red—has long been a popular way to draw attention to one’s face. Blusher can also be used to contour the skin, or to add a healthy glow to a person’s face. Today, blusher is generally considered to be a product for women, outside of theater and film, where it may be applied to the faces of men.
You may think that blusher is quite simple—you might grab a pack of pink blusher powder, dab some on your cheeks and be done with it. However, blusher is not simply the iconic pink powder that many people imagine it to be. Many different types and colors of blushers can be bought on the market today and each type has its own effects and purpose.
What can I use blusher for? Should I use it?
Blusher is used for a variety of reasons. Some people use blusher in their daily make-up routine, to provide color to their cheeks or to contour their face. Some people use blusher for evening activities such as parties, dances, or nights out on the town. Blusher can also be used for theatrical and film make-up, where high intensity and long-lasting blushers are very popular.
Blusher is a good product for those wishing to have some color in their cheeks, or those who wish to experiment with facial contouring to help flatter their features. Some people use light or shimmer blushers to give their cheeks a little sparkle and dazzle. You don’t have to use blusher, however many find that it adds a little special touch to their face, or completes a look much better than simply lipstick and eye shadow can.
Some people choose to leave off the blusher for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for forgoing blusher is persistent acne, because most forms of blusher are capable of blocking pores and possibly exacerbating the condition of a person’s acne. However, if you do have acne spots, you may wish to check out some of the specialty blushers created for people with problem skin—these blushers, found in cream, powder and gel form, often contain acne-fighting products in addition to the color pigments of regular blusher.
Types of Blusher and How to Use Them
Blush, contrary to popular belief, is not simply made in pink powder form. Many different  types of blusher are frequently sold in beauty product aisles across the country and the world. Each type of blusher is suited to particularly types of skin and particular events or occasions. Here are the most popular forms of blusher currently found in the beauty world.
Powder blush 
Powdered blusher is colored pigments in the form of a facial powdered. Powdered blusher is a good choice for all types of skin, whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of both. Powdered blusher is, however, considered the best type of blusher product for oily skin because a good quality powder will remain on the skin longer than other types of blusher and does not have a tendency to sweat off or become oily. The powdered form of blusher is the densest type of blush and the best product to use if you desire a strong or long lasting color. Typically, your skin does not “show through” powdered blusher.
One popular color is traditional light pink, which is usually reserved for girls and young women. The popular neutral shades of beige and brown are frequently found among adult and older women. Powdered blush can be used to highlight cheekbones and even accent the temple. It is also used to slim the contours of your nose and face.
To use powdered blush, you simply tap a make-up brush in the powder and apply it to your face. Powdered blush looks best when used after foundation and anti-shine powder. Powdered blush is much simpler to use than cream or gel blushes, because the powder can be picked up by just about any type of make-up brush. It can be liberally applied using a large kabuki style make-up brush, or delicately placed using a thin brush for more intricate detailing. Because of this, powdered blush is considered the most versatile of the blusher products.
Cream blush
Cream blusher is a colored blusher pigment in the form of a soft somewhat thick facial cream. Cream blusher, like powdered blusher, is considered a good choice for all types of skin. However, cream blusher is considered especially suitable for dry skin, because most quality cream blushers contain a mixture of moisturizing and oil ingredients to moisturize and soften the skin. A high quality cream blush will have both moisturizing ingredients and high quality color pigmentation that will last for several hours. Because cream blusher has such an intense color, it is particularly popular among evening wear and theater make-up. Your skin will “show through” somewhat when you use cream blusher, because it is not as dense as powdered blusher.
The most popular colors of cream blusher are shades of light pink, brown, and natural colors such as beige or cocoa. More intense colors like red are typically reserved for the theater, though they can also be used for dramatic evening wear.
Unlike the powdered form of blusher, cream blusher is best applied using your fingertips and not make-up brushes. The color in cream blusher can be very intense, so it is best to only use a small amount of cream blusher and blend it into your skin very well. Cream blusher should be used after your foundation, but before your anti-shine or facial powder. This will help the cream last longer on your skin.
Gel or Liquid Blusher
Gel or liquid blusher is a thin liquid type of blusher. Gel blusher is particularly suitable for oily to normal skin. Gel blusher does not typically contain moisturizer or oil, and dries very quickly, so those with dry skin may find it is hard to spread onto their cheeks or face.
Unlike powdered blusher and cream blusher, gel blusher provides a sheer colored glow to your face instead of a dense opaque color. Gel blusher is well suited to natural styles of make-ups, and will give your face a nice, fresh look. Gel blusher should be applied after foundation, or even to bare skin if you feel like going without any foundation. Because gel blusher is popular in more natural styles of make-up, the most popular gel blusher colors are less intense, natural colors such as a soft, healthy pink and a variety of browns and beiges. Some gel blushers are more like shimmer blushers, and provide somewhat glittery shimmer in unnatural colors like white, silver, and gold. Gel blusher can be applied with fingers or make-up brushes, but because it dries rather quickly, most find it easier to directly apply and blend the blusher with their fingertips rather than apply it with a brush and then blend with their fingertips.

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